How is Structural Integration different from massage or other forms of manual therapy?

In general, Chiropractic work focuses primarily on the alignment of bones and how it affects the joints, particularly of the spine. Common practice is to use high-velocity thrust adjustments. These sudden changes in bony structure position can often result in immediate relief. This type of therapy does not address the strain in the soft tissue (fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments) that caused the original misalignment of the bones. In many cases, unless the cause of the strain is addressed, the bones and joints will be pulled out of alignment again. SI focuses on reducing or reversing the rotational patterns that caused the strain and imbalance. In doing so, it reduces the likeliness of re-occurring issues.

Massage therapy can involve a variety of treatment styles and techniques which focus mainly on relaxing muscles. Deep tissue massage work can be effective in reducing localized strain on muscles and tissue. SI addresses the imbalances and rotations of your whole body in an attempt to produce better overall function. It creates space in the fascia that surrounds of all your muscles and joints producing easier movement. SI sees a whole structure, not just a neck, shoulder, elbow, knee or ankle. When individual body parts are able to move freely, the whole body will function more effectively.

What do I wear?

For men, underwear or comfortable exercise shorts (running or basketball).
For women, comfortable exercise shorts (yoga, running or basketball) and a spaghetti strap tank top or bathing suit top. Sports bras tend to cover too much of the upper and mid back.

Do I have to come in for a complete series of sessions?

The root of every rotation and compensation in each body is different. Structural Integration is much more effective for the body as a whole when the work is done in a series. Dr. Rolf’s original recipe known as The 10 Series has shown to effectively address the whole body. Although many clients see and feel immediate results after only a few treatments, each individual body will unwind at its own pace. Several factors include: age, health history, and your body’s ability to embrace the work. It is best for us to discuss your current health both physical and emotional and come up with a plan that best addresses your goals.

What is the investment I need to make?

I offer both In Office and In Home programs. The value of your custom program will be determined after I review and carefully consider your symptoms, specific needs, individual goals and timeline. Assistance may be available for those clients that need additional support.

Do you accept insurance?

I accept payments from your HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flex Savings Account) account.