My name is Louie Arroyo and my goal is to work with you to free your body of the holding patterns that are causing you to feel pain, tension, fatigue, stress.

My journey into bodywork started after struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome after many years of working 50+ hours a week at my desk job. I learned that the symptoms were a result of repetitive motion, in my case from extensive work on a computer using the mouse and the 10 key. I wore a wrist brace, tennis elbow brace, taped my ring and pinkie fingers together and covered my arm with pain relief ointments. The usual physical therapy treatments and exercises resulted in minimal improvement.

Like most people who are battling with chronic pain and discomfort, I figured I had to accept the fact that it was something I would have to deal with forever. Then one Sunday afternoon I received some trigger point work during a massage treatment. After the treatment, I felt an immediate change. I received another treatment about 2 weeks later and felt even more relief. I suddenly saw manual bodywork from a different perspective. 4 months later I was enrolled at Mueller College. In 2014 I received my California Massage Therapist Certification.

For now, I’m excited to be a part of the new and improved you. Please contact me so we can talk about how Structural Integration can help you be comfortable in your body again!

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Early on as a therapist I found myself working on people with all sorts of chronic issues. The most common symptoms were back pain, neck and shoulder pain and difficulty recovering from previous injuries. I was soon recognized as a pain relief specialist.

The trigger point work and sports massage techniques were yielding noticeable improvements in the majority of my clients. Although clients were feeling better and moving better, I noticed that after a few weeks symptoms reappeared for some clients. Some were mild and some were moderate. I knew there had to be a different way to work on the body that would produce much longer lasting and more effective changes. Something that addressed the root of the problem and not just the symptom. I found it in Structural Integration. In 2016 I enrolled at New School of Structural Integration. It is and will forever be the most significant decision of my career and my life. I can genuinely say it was an EPIC decision.

I’ve learned from 3 masters of their trade who studied with a distinguished first generation Rolfer named Joseph Heller, the first president of the Rolf Institute. Between the 3, they have performed over 20,000 Structural Integration sessions and trained and mentored hundreds of professional bodyworkers from coast to coast. They have enhanced my life dramatically by sharing their vast experience, knowledge and love of the profession. I am excited to follow the path they have cleared and I want to share Structural Integration as a practitioner, mentor and instructor with those who chose to learn about or experience the wonders of this trade.